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Energy Conservation in the Caribbean


The energy cost in the Caribbean is the highest in the Western Hemisphere and amongst the highest in the world. The cost of energy  in various islands range from as low as US$0.20/kwh to as high as US$0.37/kWh. These numbers exclude Trinidad and Tobago, a petroleum producing nation which enjoys an average cost of US$0.05/kWh. 
These high energy costs provides numerous business opportunities to energy entrepreneurs which to date has not been exploited for a number of reasons.

This paper will review the energy cost in the various islands and will identify applicable energy saving technologies with  an indication as to the feasibility of each. Further, the market size of the region for each ESO will be provided and recommendations for energy entrepreneurs highlighted.

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ALERTON Building Automation Systems
May 05, 2014 From virtually anywhere in the world, you can monitor and control your buildings with their easy-to-use graphical software.

SEMCO - Packaged Energy Recovery Systems
May 05, 2014 The SEMCO packaged energy recovery system, offers the ultimate performance in air to air transfer of total energy (both latent and sensible).

Solar Water Heaters
Jul 13, 2011 Free hot water from the sun! Can be fully installed or combined with already existing boiler or boosting systems.


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