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Customized Mini Chillers - EDL Engineered Solution

Our Engineers design and implement high efficiency mini chillers that produce both air conditioning and free hot water and are tailored to suit your particular needs. Technology, normally used in large commercial systems can now be adapted for use in residential or small commercial and new construction and/or renovation projects. Installation is easy and these customized mini chillers, handle low and varying loads very efficiently therefore, the overall performance is maximized.

Improved efficiency through:

  • Free hot water
  • 20% saving in energy cost over standard air conditioning system
  • Ideal for small to medium sized hotels and large residential homes
  • Overall 40% savings on hotel energy bill
  • Usage in conjunction with numerous, attractive BROAD fan coil accessories which also include in-built
  • electronic air cleaners (see BROAD leaflet)
  • Minimal refrigerant use, as the coolant in the pipe work is water, so it is less harmful to the environment (ozone layer)
  • Low noise /near silent operation (condenser can be located as far away as possible from the building)
  • Numerous controls options
  • High efficiency compressors which are 50% more efficient than standard units

Mini Chiller


Mini Chiller 2

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