Dynamic Energy Efficient Solutions

BROAD Air Conditioning Systems

Natural Gas / Diesel Oil / Waste Oil / Waste Heat Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning accounts for over 60% of the energy consumed by buildings. Energy Dynamics Ltd (EDL) designs, installs and maintains state-of-the-art natural gas/diesel oil / waste oil / waste heat fired absorption air conditioning systems. We do this, using equipment supplied by BROAD Air Conditioning Co. Ltd. This equipment consumes 80% less electrical energy than standard electrical systems. Gas combustion is highly efficient. In addition, BROAD’s unique systems can simultaneously provide free hot water for domestic or pool heating applications.

These non-electric air conditioning systems can reduce investment in and dependency on, power stations around the region, thereby initiating huge savings in the costs of electrical energy to consumers.


1. BROAD Comfort Technology (BCT)

  • Low energy cost / electricity savings / decrease in monthly expenditure
  • Space efficient /saving investment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Convenience - whole package available from one source
  • International certification
  • Aesthetic advantage / low noise

2. BROAD Outdoor Package Air Conditioning

Includes central air conditioning main unit, preassembled machine room and terminal facilities.


BROAD X IFA Chiller system powered by alternative energy sources including solar energy, exhaust from generator or industrial waste streams, hot water etc.

4. BROAD X IFA Chiller

BROAD’s standard chiller system (cooling and heating functions) powered by natural gas, bio gas, diesel, waste oil and waste heat.

One Woodbrook Place (Trinidad) - 2 @ 1,300 tons
The Crane ( Barbados) - 1 @ 250 tons
NGC Warehouse (Trinidad) - 2 @ 100 tons
Accra Beach Resort (Barbados) - 3 @ 66 tons
Westshore Medical (Trinidad) - 3 @66 tons

Combined Cooling Heating & Power (CCHP)

CCHP utilizes waste heat from engine generators or gas turbines to fuel an absorption chiller which will provide cold water for cooling buildings and hot water for domestic use (hotels). The normal efficiency of an engine generator is 36%. However, using the CCHP system makes the overall efficient use of input fuel over 80%. This is a saving of 44% energy. Ideal uses: hotels and cities that require power, cooling and hot water.

New/Updated Products

ALERTON Building Automation Systems
May 05, 2014 From virtually anywhere in the world, you can monitor and control your buildings with their easy-to-use graphical software.

SEMCO - Packaged Energy Recovery Systems
May 05, 2014 The SEMCO packaged energy recovery system, offers the ultimate performance in air to air transfer of total energy (both latent and sensible).

Solar Water Heaters
Jul 13, 2011 Free hot water from the sun! Can be fully installed or combined with already existing boiler or boosting systems.


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