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ALERTON Building Automation Systems

Energy Dynamics Limited is the Caribbean's representative for ALERTON. ALERTON provides 100% BACnet systems (open protocol) and manufactures energy management control systems for the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry, as well as complete Building Automation systems (Security Access CCTV & Web-based systems).

Management Level

From virtually anywhere in the world, you can monitor and control your buildings with its easy-to-use graphical software. Use three dimensional animation and full-colour graphics to access real-time data and energy management features. As-built drawings, floor plans and specific graphics of HVAC equipment can be customized for each site. The flexibility of BACnet allows connection to local area networks and the Internet.

Integration Level

Intelligent BACnet programmable controllers perform global control strategies on a peer-to-peer basis for an entire facility or multiple sites. These devices integrate seamlessly with third-party building systems such as fire alarm, access management and lighting. Alerton’s VLX and other high-performance controllers are designed specifically for larger, more complex point applications-central plants, large air handling units and other critical systems. Modular global controllers like the BCM drive Alerton’s flexible approach to systems integration. These controllers economically support BACnet control networks today and accommodate tomorrow’s growth.

Field Controller Level

Alerton offers an entire family of intelligent, native BACnet logic controllers. Each controller is programmable to support a range of applications, from complex air handling units to terminal unit devices such as VAV boxes, heat pumps and air conditioning units. All of the BACnet controllers use Alerton’s intuitive, graphical DDC programming language, Visual Logic.

Sensor / Actuator Level

Unique sensors like Alerton’s Microset can serve as both tenant control centers and field service tools. The system also supports traditional sensors and actuators used in building automation.


New/Updated Products

ALERTON Building Automation Systems
May 05, 2014 From virtually anywhere in the world, you can monitor and control your buildings with their easy-to-use graphical software.

SEMCO - Packaged Energy Recovery Systems
May 05, 2014 The SEMCO packaged energy recovery system, offers the ultimate performance in air to air transfer of total energy (both latent and sensible).

Solar Water Heaters
Jul 13, 2011 Free hot water from the sun! Can be fully installed or combined with already existing boiler or boosting systems.


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